Computer Collection

Total Working Computers: 44
Total Computers: 54
Laptops: 36
Desktops: 18
Thinkpads: 14



My personal GUI Project was Fun500. I haven't worked on it in a number of years, but I still use it when setting up and testing old machines.


In 2008, I released a Puplet starting with a stripped down copy of Puppy Linux. I added a few popular packages (namely, XFCE) and remastered the system into an ISO I called DCL 2008.


The GUI Blog-I've been admin at The GUI Blog for a number of years. Although no longer an active community, there is a huge selection of archived GUIs for DOS written in BASIC hosted there.

Operating Systems

Haiku-modern clone of BeOS, it gets better every year and is almost good enough for daily use.
KolibriOS-very fast and interesting OS written in x86 Assembly.
DSL-small (50MB) linux Distro based on the 2.4 kernel that will run on anything. Although fairly outdated now, it's still one of my favorites.


The Autopian-Great blog about automobiles