Minecraft Server Tips

Scheduling Tasks
cron is the background task on Linux boxes which you can use to schedule tasks.
crontab -e allows you to edit the configuration and add new events. See Wikipedia for more information on cron.
Dated Backups
First you need to make a script and make it executable, and add it to crontab. In the script:
mkdir ~/daily/$(date +%m%d%Y)
cp -r /server_path ~/daily/$(date +%m%d%Y)
This will make a folder in the “daily” subdirectory of your home folder which is dated.
Map Generation
Another task that can be added to crontab is Overviewer
overviewer.py –rendermodes=smooth-lighting /world_directory /output_directory
After running this, if you point a web browser to the output directory you’ll get a map of your server like the one this site.